3 easy ways to improve your SEO right now

Search engine optimization can be an overwhelming topic for business owners to tackle.

There is an entire industry behind SEO, including professional individuals and firms that specialize in strategy and implementation.

But there are a few easy things any business owner can do on their own that will help improve search engine ranking.

Update Google My Business

If you don’t already have Google My Business, get it! (Here’s a link from Google about how to sign up.) Fill out Google My Business to the best of your ability:

  • Review the details in the Info section for accuracy and see that every field is filled out.
  • Add new photos and delete old ones.
  • Respond to any reviews. (Tip: Respond to any positive reviews with a quick note of thanks, and respond to negative reviews with a polite request that they get in touch so you can solve their problem.)

Get reviews from clients on Google

Reviews are one of the best ways to boost your Google juice. Not only can they help improve your search engine ranking, they can also make you easier to find on Google Maps.Reach out to your clients and ask them to give you a review on Google. Yes, this opens up the possibility that you might receive negative reviews, but it’s worth that possibility. Negative reviews can be managed if you keep a cool head and respond politely.

Get an SSL certificate on your website

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer,” and it’s a type of encryption added to websites to ensure the information being shared between the website’s server and the visitor’s computer is secure.

Search engines now prefer secure websites. That means if you have an SSL certificate and your competitor doesn’t, you’ll show up in search engine listings first.

Most hosting providers offer SSL certificates, though it may cost extra.