Best posting practices for Facebook

Facebook is a great way for businesses to connect with customers, but you need to make a good impression. Anything you post online will represent your business, so you want to put your best foot forward. 

Use an attractive image

A good image will grab people’s attention. If you post a link, preview the image it provides; if there is no image or a poor-quality one, replace it. Being creative is beneficial for grabbing the viewer’s attention, but make sure your image accurately represents the post. 

You should use a free stock photo website to find an appropriate image for messages with no link. Here are a few free stock photo websites:

Each stock photo website has its own style and vibe, so it can be worth your time to visit each one to see which best suits your brand.

Give your audience a reason to take action

Now that you have your audience’s attention, keep them engaged. Track what types of posts do best on your page and post more like that. Encourage readers to share their thoughts. Post polls. Videos perform particularly well on Facebook, and they don’t need to be professionally shot. 

Think about what action you want your visitors to take when they see the post, and make that clear to them. Do you want them to book a call with you? Come down to your store? Try a new product? Consider making your call to action clear in the post.

Review the post

Review the post before you publish it to look for unprofessional grammar mistakes. It can also be helpful to read it out loud, which can help you catch awkward sentence structures and ensure it has a logical flow.

Also, check up on the posts after they are posted. Respond to comments, answer questions, and double-check to ensure everything is properly formatted. 

Keep information simple and to the point

Many users aren’t willing to read huge blocks of text on Facebook. So make sure to get what you want to say across efficiently. For example, if you are reposting an article or blog, provide a quick summary of the blog, maybe give your opinion on the article, ask the audience what they think, and provide a link for further reading.

Remember also that your followers are on Facebook to be entertained, learn, and connect. Have fun with your post, and your followers will have fun, too.