How long does it take to build a website?

The length of time it takes to build a website can vary depending on the size of the project and the company you’re working with. The number of employees involved in the project, the company’s workflow, and the company’s workload will all have an impact on the timeline.

On average, our website development process takes about three months to complete and includes developing content for your website – getting to know your business, writing marketing copy, arranging photography and anything else that needs to be done to build a beautiful, complete website.

We also ensure there’s plenty of time for you to review our work and respond to our requests. Your website requires your input and we want to make sure there’s time for some discussion.

Website development timeline

First meeting and proposal

During our first meeting, we ask all the questions we need to get started in our research for your project. We’ll usually deliver a proposal within a week.

Weeks 1-2: Discovery

We do a deep dive on researching your business and your industry. You’ll sit down with Ashleigh to discuss the research and work out specific solutions to reach your goals. The discussion will inform content development and search engine optimization. After the meeting, we’ll also research any ideas or solutions we discovered during our chat. A scope of work document and content wireframe will outline the decisions made at the discovery meeting and set the stage for the project. Time is included for one round of revisions on the scope of work document.

Weeks 3-4: Content

Our content-first approach means we nail down the content before we start designing. Using the research from the Discovery phase, Ashleigh will write search engine optimized content for the website. Time is included for three rounds of revisions.

Weeks 5-6: First look

Using the content as our guide, the First Look document outlines our decisions and gives your developer design direction to follow. This design can be used for the basis of the rest of the website as it’s built out. Major changes may happen at this point, which is a normal part of the creative process. Time is included for three rounds of revisions.

Weeks 7-10: Development

We set up our development operations workspace, install the content, create the pages, make the site responsive, and put the website on a server. All of our websites are responsive to any screen size, and we iterate on the design as it moves from a static screen to active pages. You get a live link to a working version of the website as it’s being developed.  

Week 11: Launch

We get the site live and make sure it’s running smoothly before promoting another successful web development project! Most of our clients sign up for our full website care plans but we still believe you should understand how your site works. We’ll show you the ins and outs. Once the website is live, we’re happy to help you continue to manage it properly. We highly recommend our website care plans, which include updates, back-ups, security scans, and monthly support.