How to build a faster website

Speed is crucial in website development. One second may sound like a short amount of time, but if your site takes that long to load, you’ll lose visitors.

People expect websites to be ready as soon as they click on the link, and if it’s not ready when they get there, they’ll leave.

We always have a performance budget in mind for our web design projects. Every site has different requirements, but our overall goal is to keep any given page under one megabyte in size. Meeting this goal ensures the website loads quickly, even if you’re on a phone, or your Internet isn’t great.

What can be cut?

We’re hypercritical about everything that goes into the websites we develop. Each image, video, graphic, and plugin you add takes up space and needs to be loaded. So we ask, which elements make the most impact? What is necessary to the success of the site? What can be cut? How is your website performance?

If your Saskatoon website needs some help improving its speed, we’d love to hear from you.