Sik Pics: Capturing once-in-a-lifetime shots

At Vireo, we work with a variety of contractors who are experts in their fields, allowing us to excel at any project we tackle. Sik Pics is our go-to videography and photography firm. Owner-operator Chris Sikorsky built his chops working for CTV before striking out on his own, and office manager Kirstin Meadows keeps the shop running smoothly.

Q: How did Sik Pics start?

A: Chris has always been involved in the arts. Music was a big part of his life before getting into television broadcasting in 2011. It was here that the visual medium of photography and videography really captivated Chris while working for CTV Saskatoon. After years of freelance work in additional to five years at CTV, Chris took his skills and experience and launched Sik Pics Productions full time.

Q: How can a client help you do your work better? What kind of information should they provide?

A: A client who is organized and knows exactly what they want (script, looks, etc) is great, but by the same token, when we are given a little bit more creative control, that’s when the best work is produced. In most cases, a client who is open to new/different ideas is ideal.

Q: What is your process for doing a shoot? What can a client expect?

A: Because Sik Pics offers photo and video coverage for a wide range of industries and arts, the process is different all the time. A fun yet professional approach is the culture we like to create. One constant is that it’s important for the client to feel relaxed and comfortable with the process. After thousands of shoots, we put the client right at ease whether it’s an interview or a headshot.

Q: Do you have a favourite shoot of all time? If so, why does it stand out? If not, why not?

A: Event coverage is always thrilling because you never know to the exact detail what’s going to happen next. We must stay on our toes and be ready for all sorts of surprises. In saying that, I think the Rush Championship win in their inaugural 2016 season ranks quite high! It was so thrilling. Amidst all the chaos and celebration, we had to remain focused and continue to cover the event, even though we were freaking out on the inside celebrating the win ourselves. Truly a once in a lifetime moment.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work?

A: Telling unique stories is why we do what we do. Every business, artist, or bride and groom has a special story that needs to be shared. It’s our job to tell it right and that is an incredible honour and a task we take very seriously.

Q: What are your sources of inspiration?

A: Sik Pics look to the movers and shakers on an international level. Chris recently attended a workshop in Canmore featuring two of the most acclaimed and skilled wedding photographers on the planet. We don’t want to be limited to what our neighbours are producing locally. Fortunately in 2017, we are lucky enough to find inspiration from around the world at our finger tips. The top ads in Times Square, the most amazing audio design from Hollywood, and so on. This is what gets us excited and forces us to be bigger and better every single day.