What is an SSL certificate?

You may not have even noticed the transition, but these days most websites you visit will have an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it’s a type of cryptography — it encrypts the information being shared between the website’s server and your computer. This ensures the site you’re visiting isn’t a bogus one, and that if you enter a password or credit card number, that information will be safe.

A website is secure if there’s a lock sign located at the beginning of the web address, and if the site lists https (instead of http). That S stands for “secure.” For those reasons, an SSL certificate is extremely important for all ecommerce websites, or any time your clients might log in to your site.

Good for SEO

But we recommend one for every website because search engines now prefer secure websites. That means if you have an SSL certificate and your competitor doesn’t, you’ll show up in search engine listings first.

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