What is the WordPress content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is the software used to edit the content on websites. It’s what allows you to post new pages or blog posts, or feature images on your website. WordPress is the top content management system in the world, with nearly 60% of all websites in the world using it.

Its popularity is both a blessing and a curse. On the good side, there is a lot of support for both users and developers. If you happen to part ways with your web developer down the road, almost any other development company you reach out to will be familiar with the platform.

On the bad side, its popularity means it’s a prime target for hackers. If they can exploit a flaw in WordPress, they’ve unlocked a hack for most of the websites in the world. Luckily, WordPress is aware of this, which is why they’re quick to fix the security holes – but to take advantage of that, you do need to make sure you keep your website updated.

We specialize in WordPress because the platform is incredibly flexible. No matter what functionality our clients are looking for, with WordPress, you can do it. The only limitations are budget and time.

We also like that it is user-friendly. Some of our clients want to manage their own content, and WordPress gives them the ability to do that. (We just ask these clients to remember to update their site regularly to avoid security breaches!)

WordPress also makes it easy to update your website’s design: If you use WordPress for your next website redesign, the platform allows you to keep your current content and migrate it to a new theme.